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GanttProject 3.2.3240 Crack & Serial Key Free Download 2024

GanttProject Crack 2023

GanttProject 3.2.3240 Crack is a useful program built in Java, developed specifically to help you administer your time and resources better. The interface has a tabbed display that enables you to switch between the generated Gantt charts and the resources. It is user-friendly, meaning any type of individual can easily work with it, regardless of their previous experience. GanttProject provides a wide range of project charting, milestone implementation, and task-building. However, if you have never played with graphs, charts, and bars before, you could feel a bit stranded using this tool. GanttProject, like Microsoft Project, lets you import and export functions between programs.

Though there are many project management software applications around, one just cannot overlook the fact that GanttProject offers so much and does not cost money. For this reason alone, the tool is worth taking a deeper look at. To make some important assignments stand out, even more, you can use a color-coding system. Resources generally refer to the human component of the task and that is why you can add important information such as name, phone, e-mail address, role in the project, and days off.

GanttProject Product Key

GanttProject lets you segment your project into a “tree of tasks” and assign different tasks to respective team members. The tool lets you create dependencies for the tasks, similar to Microsoft Project. The projects are rendered incorporating a couple of charts: one for tasks, and the other one for resources. These charts could be generated as HTML or PDF reports, printed, or imported/exported with other applications such as Microsoft Project. Being a Java app, GanttProject works with Mac OS, Windows, Linux, and other systems that support Java. For experienced project management program users, this program would seem easy to use. New users, however, may fumble quite a bit.

GanttProject Product Key incorporates a small search tool that can help you look for assignments or resources faster, by inputting a keyword. You should also know that you can generate PERT charts (Project Evaluation and Review Technique), that show which tasks need to be completed to complete a project. GanttProject Crack data stored and charts created can be exported to the hard drive in GAN, XML, PNG, JPG, HTML, and PDF. Moreover, you can import information from GAN, XML, TXT, and CSV. To sum up, GanttProject is an efficient piece of software that can help you organize your time and projects better, by breaking them down into projects, adding resources, and generating PERT or Gantt charts.

GanttProject Free Download [2024]

The CPU and memory usage is minimal and no crashes or bugs were registered during our tests. More than just a Gantt chart. If you are looking for a simple Gantt chart-building tool you are in the wrong place. If you are looking to view, edit, and interact with Gantt charts within the same software where you manage your work and track your time, you are in the right place. GanttProject is written in Java and requires Java Runtime version 7 or higher to be installed. If you have no idea if Java is installed, you can easily check this and download Java Runtime on

The Gantt chart within Intervals is just one of how you can view and interact with your project data. Get your workflow optimized and deliver better quality through better processes while eliminating wasted time on unimportant tasks. Create a project plan that works for you and easily communicates with your team and clients. GanttProject has a few useful features, though, and projects can be stored on a server if you have a suitable one. It can generate reports and webpages, so there are ways to keep your team up to date with your plans.

GanttProject is a mature, popular, and trusted

Established in 2003:

GanttProject was born in 2003 and we published countless maintenance and major updates since that time. And you know what? In 2023, GanttProject still can open documents produced years ago.

Thousands of users:

A few thousand people download GanttProject weekly. They can be found in nearly 200 countries on all continents and speak 25+ languages.

GanttProject is easy to use!

Easy to start:
  • Available for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Downloads in seconds install instantly and are ready to build projects immediately with zero setups.
Easy to use:
  • The simple, intuitive, and uncluttered user interface will let you break down the work, build a Gantt chart, assign resources, and calculate project costs in minutes.
  • If you need some guidance into the basics of working with GanttProject, please watch this awesome video tutorial on YouTube:
Easy to export:
  • GanttProject can export documents to Microsoft Project format and import existing documents. If you need custom processing of the project data, export to CSV or Excel is available. Reports and printable charts can be produced with export to PDF and PNG.

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Key Features:

  • Gantt chart

Create tasks and milestones. Aside from the start date and duration, every task may have priority, cost New in 2.7, color and fill pattern, text notes, and user-defined custom fields. Organize tasks in a work breakdown structure. Draw dependency constraints between tasks, like “start X when Y finishes” and GanttProject will take care of enforcing these constraints. You can add a lag or use other types of constraints. Create baselines to be able to compare the current project state with previous plans.

  • Resource chart

Create human resources with the basic contact information, payment rate New in 2.7, and role. Assign resources to work on tasks with different roles and assignment units.

  • Export

Generate a PDF report with a summary, required task and resource information, and vector chart images. Export to CSV to analyze your data in spreadsheet apps. Microsoft Project imports and exports, as smoothly as possible.

  • Collaboration

Use WebDAV servers with lock support for concurrent work on the same project. Use cloud storage providers that can mount your cloud disk to your local file system for storing your projects in the cloud. In the local network, GanttProject will do its best to prevent concurrent writes.


  • One of the things I like most about this project is that it is completely free.
  • Gantt project is easy to get into, and it has a lot of really good features that you would normally only find in more expensive software.
  • I always picked the Gantt Project to make the planning of my project and the follow-up of them: it’s easy, simple, and super practical. I recommend it for sure.
  • This product is extremely easy to install and use. It has all the relevant features needed for the job.


  • Lack of documentation, add other types of reports, for example, a report by resource, select a group of tasks, etc. Add other forms of collaboration.
  • It was a little tricky to figure out how to unlink tasks from one another that were accidentally linked.”
  • “Sometimes it is difficult to use the software. Some capabilities are here, but it is difficult to find them and apply them correctly.
  • Printout of the GANNT chart is very hard and complicated. Hard to get the scaling to work.

System requirements:

  • Windows XP, Vista,7,8,8.1,10
  • Intel Pentium 4 or higher.
  • At least 512MB RAM

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